We Owe our Lives to Fascinating Plants

We exist because of plants!

Plants are the basis of our life on Earth – without them we would not survive. But most of us take them for granted, giving them little thought from day to day.

Today is the first global Fascination of Plants Day and we should all take time to stop and consider how fascinating they really are.

Plants sustain life on earth by converting the sun’s renewable energy into food. But, not only does all our food come from plants – yes, even the meat we eat comes from animals that eat plants – but medicinally and culturally plants are extremely important in the lives of people from all over the world. Plants support and protect fragile ecosystems, protecting land from the extremes of climate and providing habitat and diversity.

Sonja's Kitchen: Sustainable Cuisine from the Cook Islands

Come, open a door on the fascinating world of plants.


Author Dee Pignéguy has had a life-long love affair with plants and has written several books about plants and gardening. Her latest book, Sonja’s Kitchen, takes the reader on a walk through the lush vegetation of the Cook Islands, while explaining the importance of each plant to the survival of the islands and the role that they play in island culture. The food plants are then transformed by Dee and co-author, Sonja Raela, into delicious, mouth-watering dishes replete with healthy vitality and infused with flavour.

Sonja’s Kitchen demonstrates how central plants are to our life and well-being.

“If we were to focus on growing food in family backyards, we could shape a new world,” says Dee.

The diversity of what can be grown in your backyard is truly fascinating. Her book, Gardening for Planet Earth, sets out how planting edible plants in your backyard can sustain both your family and the planet we live on. The book explains the cycles that make life on Earth possible, and how you can experience the joy and rewards of growing your own food. Gardens are truly relaxing and magical places full of fascinating plants; step outside and create a piece of paradise just outside your door.

For more information on Sonja’s Kitchen and Gardening For Planet Earth, go to
Sonja's Kitchen: Sustainable Cuisine from the Cook Islands

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