Landscape Architect or Designer?

When beginning this process, it is important you fully appreciate and understand the landscape design profession.

A successful Landscape Architect or Designer is an artist. Their palette is the sum total of their skills, knowledge of materials, and experience. Out of this they form a living landscape uniting function with aesthetic form.

The ideal partnership lies in finding the person or landscape design company compatible with your taste, lifestyle and budget. Since you will be working with them to achieve a space benefiting yourself, you need to feel comfortable with your choice from the outset. Take a look at the portfolios on this site. You may also choose a designer from outside your region based on their profile, talent and style.

Tips for choosing a Landscape Architect or Designer

• Remember you are not obliged to accept the opinion or ideas of the first person you approach. You may need to ‘interview’ several for the job.
• Check their experience and credentials.
• Ask to see a portfolio of past work.
• Ask for references or testimonials.
• Discuss the brief in the initial consultation, asking sufficient questions to ensure they are listening to you, respecting your needs, and that they have a clear understanding of the scope of your proposed job and budget.
• If possible, visit and inspect any projects completed by the designer.
• Ask your friends and acquaintances for recommendations.
• Remember that cheapest is not necessarily best.
• Make sure you fully understand the professional’s fee structure and systems of payment before setting up your first meeting. Be prepared to pay for initial consultations even though you may not choose to pursue the relationship. Remember many landscape professionals are self-employed or work in small businesses. Being paid on time is critical to their survival.

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