Combat pest weeds with Cut ‘n’ Paste

Did you know Auckland’s Waiheke Island is the second weediest place on the planet after Hawaii?

Necessity is the mother of invention. Cut ‘n’ Paste weed killer has been developed by Andy Spence whose experience as a Biosecurity Officer and Park Ranger on Auckland’s Waiheke Island, led him to create this economical highly effective and low toxicity product.

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From the creator of Cut n Paste Andy Spence.

I have taken a lot of time and trouble to design a user friendly product based on my many years (16) practical experience as a senior Park Ranger conservation and Biosecuity Officer dealing with Waiheke’s weed problems (the second weediest place on the planet after Hawai).  I was unhappy with the toxicity of the alternative gel and their price as well as failure to control grasses and some broadleaf species as well as it’s tendency to spread through the soil and affect non target species.  All these disadvantages are avoided with using Glyyphosate in a gel form.

The 20L containers with the pumps are popular with farms, vineyards, golf courses and the council.  Because Glyphosate is so well known it is established as an effective herbicide and so that barrier has already been crossed.  My intent has been to make it safe, easy to use and effective and very user friendly after all my years doing the job on the ground.

The active ingredient Glyphosate is 9.1D Hazard rating is significant in legislation as it removes the dangerous goods classification which makes transport and postage much simpler as well as being very safe next to waterways.  It also does not require approved handler and because of the exceptionally low toxicity.  It does not need to be registered as it is labelled clearly as not for use of food crops or animal feed stuffs. It is genuinely a much safer product to use for the public.  Even after three years my ongoing trials continue to surprise me with the effectiveness of the gel application of Glyphosate.


The product is supplied in 5L and 20L containers with very high quality pumps for refilling the bottles along with spare brushes and caps as these tend to get lost and wear out in time as well as new bottles for refill from bulk supply.

I selected 450mls as a size that allows even quite large jobs to be tackled on one bottle and at a price that people can afford. The product has a very long shelf life of at least two years when kept properly, but recommended use by date is 12 months from distribution.  The bottle is very visible in a bush setting so it’s hard to lose in the undergrowth.

There are many areas where this product has great application because of its highly targeted nature and non species specificity, working well on removing problem grasses from golf courses and flower beds, rockeries etc.  There are several effective ways of using the gel, cut and pasting stumps, snapping stems and pasting into the cracks, pasting onto leaves and growing centers and pasting straight onto green stems.  You can feel safe using it without gloves and giving it to volunteers to use.

As a gel it will dispatch plants that are not known to be susceptible to Glyphosate.  This is because the gel seals with a crust over the cut or the pasted leaf and forces the plant to continue to absorb the herbicide over a much longer period.  When compared with the alternative it wins on many fronts, cost, toxicity, range of species killed, denatured in the soil, not killing non target species, smell and presentation.

Andy Spence

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2 comments on “Combat pest weeds with Cut ‘n’ Paste

  1. Alicia Warren on said:

    Does Cut N Paste work on Arundo donax?  Has anyone trialled it on this species?

  2. landscapedesignnz on said:

    Yes it does 

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