The home health kit in your garden! by Ginny Clayton

There is a huge interest now in the ancient ways of healing through herbs. Here are a few of the ways people cured themselves in the home from their gardens.

Bergamot and catnip were very useful taken as teas with sage added as an extra for any aches and strains.

Acne, just as much a problem then as now, was commonly treated by washing the face regularly with either a calendula or elderberry tea.

Infections were prevented by using calendulas, garlic, chamomile, bay, sage, nasturtiums or nature’s most well known antiseptic- common thyme. The most common method used was to make a strong tea of the herb, and bathe the area repeatedly.

Calendula Flower


Bites & stings were calmed by the use of the following: winter savory leaves, the insides of banana skins,  juice from calendula flowers, plantain leaves or aloe vera, a slice of onion, or the juice from comfrey leaves, cornflowers or scented geranium leaves.

Bleeding & cuts sent someone rushing to the garden for yarrow or calendula leaves, which were quickly bruised to release the juice to put on the wound.

Bruising was halted by applying a hot compress of either cabbage leaves that had been plunged into hot water and bruised, or bruised, heated comfrey leaves.

Chilblains were helped by making an oil with cayenne pepper and ginger to rub onto the feet.

Coughs and colds were treated with inhalations of bruised pennyroyal or Japanese menthol mint leaves, the chewing of fresh sage or thyme leaves, lots of garlic, sage, honey and lemon drinks, also lemon balm, thyme or elder flower teas.

Gout is an ancient problem that is showing up again in this generation- a compress made from strong sage tea or using a comfrey poultice is beneficial.

This old cure for heartburn and indigestion still works today-chew mint or fennel leaves after meals or drink peppermint tea.

Teas made from lavender, lemon balm, chamomile, catnip, elderflower or ginger root will help cure insomnia, as will the use of sleep pillows, filled with the ‘sleep’ herbs.

Nausea is greatly helped by drinking teas of the following herbs-sweet basil, peppermint, mint or bergamot.

A very helpful instant remedy for nosebleeds is to put a wad of rolled up yarrow leaves up the nostril. Drinking a strong brew of yarrow tea will also help- this herb is well known as a blood coagulant.

Varicose veins are eased from aching by the taking of lemon balm or lemon grass teas, or applying a poultice of calendula or tansy leaves.

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