Choosing a Professional

On these pages you will find information about :

• how to choose a landscaping professional

• what questions to ask

• key points to check before you engage in any project or arrangement

Choosing the right landscaping professional is an important and fundamental decision underpinning the ultimate success of your project. It is the professional’s job to interpret your ideas and make them real, so don’t take the decision lightly.

If you follow the following simple guidelines you’re much more likely to make the best choice

  • Decide what type of professional is most likely able to supply the expertise you require. For example, if you want a complete landscape make-over, you will need a landscape architect or designer. If you want a pergola built, plus extensions to your outdoor recreation area and you already have the plans, you will most likely need a builder and perhaps a paving specialist. Click here to search for Landscape designers & Architects
  • Ask around your friends and acquaintances for recommendations. Look at other people’s gardens. If you see work you like, make enquiries as to who did it. Use the search engine and look at our extensive portfolios.
  • Approach several specialists before finalising your choice. Be open about it. Most people appreciate and realise ‘everybody can’t work with everybody’ for a variety of differing reasons. You need to assure yourself you have the right person for you and your project. This person will understand your needs, what you’re aiming to achieve and do it within your budget.

For further information about the different roles of landscape professionals and their areas of expertise, see the list on the left hand navigation. This will help you decide who you need to make your project happen!

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