Swimming Pools in the middle of winter – Automatic pool covers and solutions

It’s the time of year when we least think about swimming and if you have a pool it can lurk out there in the frost with leaves building up.

Some folk leave their pools to over-winter uncovered however there are a great range of options to save time and energy in the long run.

Having a good quality pool cover will keep your pool in tip top condition and avoid debris, leaves and other material from getting into the water

Check out a few companies and solutions available on our :

Check out automatic pool covers

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  1. Norman Tyree says:

    Yes Automatic Pool covers can save 2 times the contents of the pool water per year, no evaaporation.
    Chemicials as well.
    Go to a Website and see the only cover that is made in new Zealand.
    You will be quite suprised at what is to offer even Swimming Pool Lights.

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