Bargain pot plants for the frugal folk among us

While browsing around a garden centre the recently I spotted a number of flowering annuals and perennials that are perfect for small pot plants. At this time of the year most of the annuals in punnets or cell packs have grown to a good size and many are already flowering.

Most packs have about 6 plants for somewhere around about $2 to $3.00 a pack. Now even at $3.00 for 6 or 50 cents each, plus the cost of a cheap 4 to 6 inch pot and a bit of compost mix, you have 6 nice pot plants for about $1.00 each. Look for the bigger plants in punnets as they will give you an instant pot plant and only get better when they are given the extra room to grow in. These are ideal for sunny windowsills indoors or can be used around entrance ways to good effect. They will need watering every few days and once they fill their pots, then likely a daily drink will be on the cards.
I prefer to use a rich animal manure compost to plant them in and once they settle down and start showing new growth, then give them a drink each week of Matrix Reloaded, or every few weeks

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