Après landscaping attire for the gentleman

The Man Shawl is like a Nana Blanket for Men, a Knee Rug for Blokes.

It is functional yet ruggedly fashionable. Made from 100% wool in military grey and brown and finished with handy eyelets. It is the ideal companion on road trips, camping trips or for wrapping around your shoulders while you poke a fire with a large stick and down a cold one.

The Man Shawl is perfect for wrapping round your shoulders while you watch Saturday morning sports and is the ideal item to take to your favourite sporting event to keep warm in the stands and watch the game.

The attached caribiner and stretchy loop are ideal for fastening The Man Shawl for hands-free operation or attaching essential items. The Man Shawl comes with handy laminated instructions for wearing (not that men read the instructions but they make a great beer mat).

The Man Shawl is so much more than just a source of warmth, it’s uses are many and illustrated on the instructions are just a sample. The beauty of The Man Shawl is its ability to adapt to any situation, limited only by your imagination.

Face it, no man should leave home without The Man Shawl.

Each man shawl is a generous 1200mm x 1800mm in size. The Man Shawl is handmade and unique so there are some variations in colours, eyelets and carbiners.

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