Oriental Bay’s Carter fountain out for repairs

The Carter Fountain in Oriental Bay is out of action while a faulty motor gets repaired. The fountain was tested in early November as part of routine maintenance checks and a problem identified in the pump motor. The fountain has now been shut down while the reason for the fault is investigated and the necessary repairs take place.

The Council’s Parks and Gardens Manager, Paul Andrews, says the fountain’s motor and pump have now been removed and sent to the supplier in Auckland for investigation and repairs.

“The Carter Fountain is a distinctive and much-loved feature of Oriental Bay and we’re keen to get it back in tip-top shape as soon as possible. We sent a boat out two weeks ago to retrieve the fountain head, pump and motor structure assembly – weighing in at a hefty 1000kg. The pump and motor assembly have now been sent to the supplier in Auckland to be checked out and we expect to know more about the problem – and how long the repairs will take – before Christmas.

“The fountain has been delighting Oriental Bay residents since the 1970s – however, it does have an unfortunate habit of breaking down every once in a while. Due to the fact that the fountain sits in the bay and operates off seawater there are a number of possible reasons behind the fault. The possibilities include – but are not limited to – corrosion, electrical problems caused by water ingress, or serious wear to the pump blades caused by fine sand and sediments in the water.

“While it’s unlikely that the necessary repairs will be carried out by Christmas we are hopeful that the problem will soon be identified and that it won’t be too long before the fountain is fully operational once again.”

The fountain was first installed in 1973 at a cost of $75,000. It was a gift to the city from local resident Hugh Carter who was inspired by a fountain he saw in Geneva in the early 1960s.

Carter initially dedicated the fountain to his parents George and Ella Carter – who paid for the Oriental Parade flower garden – but tragedy struck just days after the fountain was officially opened.

Carter was about to travel to Nelson on his launch when he slipped and drowned. The fountain, which was initially to be called the Oriental Bay Fountain, was instead named the Carter Fountain as a mark of respect.

One comment on “Oriental Bay’s Carter fountain out for repairs

  1. Heather Matz on said:

    What’s the update on the fountain repairs? Seems to be taking a very long time to fix!

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