This Way of Life Documentary Trailer – set in beautiful New Zealand Landscape

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A moving and inspiring documentary about one extraordinary family and their life beyond the Ruahine ranges. The head of the family, Peter Karena, is a horse-whisperer, philosopher, hunter and builder, husband and father. Despite seemingly overwhelming challenges, Peter refuses to compromise, and the family turns hardship into a meaningful and satisfying way of life.

To be shown at the NZ International Film Festival 09.  Follow on Facebook and read more about this film here:

13 comments on “This Way of Life Documentary Trailer – set in beautiful New Zealand Landscape

  1. Terena on said:

    Tino Ataahua!!! Can’t wait to see it!!!

  2. Jessica Rapaea on said:

    This is so awesome, awesome to see my cousin peter and his whanau showing Aotearoa and the world how they live and how “REAL” they are and how awesome there children are and how they appreciate the day to day living of our foundations.
    Beautiful work pete and colleen..
    Jess xoxox

  3. georgia on said:

    I saw the documentary at the VIFF and enjoyed it very much. Is is possible to purchase a DVD?

  4. Selena on said:

    Hi, would love to see the doco…will it be showin in chch anytime soon? or is it on dvd?

  5. Go to their main website for updates and screening info.


    Tim Durrant

  6. Patricia on said:

    Absolutely inspiring.

  7. sonya on said:

    I have just finished watching this inspiring, humbling and courages movie of the Karena whanau. In New Plymouth we have Arthouse Cinema, thankyou for showing this doco, it was truely a honour and priveledge to learn about this family. Kia Kaha Peter, Colleen and the children. It has made me look at life through eyes of unrushed, uncomplicated, natural, non comprising life. Very sad to see Peters dad, a bitter man who is non deserving to have Peter and his beautiful whanau in their lives. To not accepted Peter as his son, but his wifes son, you are a ugly man.
    Well wishes to the Karena whanau, may life be a happy as you all are together.

  8. Melissa on said:

    My boys and I just watched This Way of Life. We found it so inspiring and beautiful to see Peter and Colleen and their children living with such pure hearts. I love it that my boys get to see a young man living with such integrity and respect for people, the land and animals. Thankyou for making this wonderful film. And all good wishes to the Ottley-Karena Whanau. Melissa, Luke and Oscar.

  9. I just seen the clip and to say for me I would like to module myself from Peter and his whanua. I am so proud to be a Maori from AOTEAROA…

  10. I saw the film twice while I was in Havelock North earlier this year. PLEASE may we have DVD as I would love to shew my family and friends here in Eurupe. The family are an inspiration to us all – long may they thrive.

  11. I am related to Wero Karena, his grandfather and my grandfather were brothers and I think they would roll in their graves to see this split, it’s a shame that there has been a falling out between the 2, but I suspect it has to do with whanau/land etc. and Wero’s first family of 5 boys. I loved the movie I only wish a few other families live the way Peter & Colleen do, to bring up 6 children is no easy task unless you are special people. Kia kaha to you all the Colleen/Peter Karena whanau, you are a fantastic whanau, I would love to meet you one day.

  12. steve rodgers on said:

    So, did anyone wonder how they supported all their kids etc. I mean, were they collecting a benefit? If not, cool but otherwise its living on a benefit is not a proud way to live.

  13. John C on said:

    @ Steve – yea i did wonder that, but they have the horse riding business. There are a lot of rumors around Hawke’s Bay about the father and another woman and a love child and something and that the horses were stolen by Peter. Maybe there has been a small cover up but at least the vibe of the movie is ok I guess. It is all down the the editing and PR spin of the people that made it. There are two sides to every story. It was a few years back this was all filmed (over 4 years) so i guess they have moved on from that way of life now… Take a look at their facebook page you can see some answers there.

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