Choosing a Gardener

On this page you will find information about finding a professional to maintain your landscape.

Finding the right maintenance gardener for your landscape is as important as the overall design.

New Zealand as a gardening nation has many enthusiastic people willing to maintain your garden. You need to make sure the gardener you select has the skill and experience to maintain the type of garden you have.

A formal (English) style garden will require different skills to that of a modern contemporary garden. Complex herbaceous borders and roses need specific experience and skill. Pruning and caring for roses is an art in itself. It takes specialist knowledge to keep them healthy and in optimum shape. Your garden will need feeding mulching and spraying programs (even organic) that are effective and specific to your plants. Pruning plants and trees is a crucial skill and must be carried out at the right time of year.

Make sure you are confident that the gardener or maintenance contractor you choose has the relevant skills needed for your landscape.

Tips for choosing a Gardener / Garden Maintenance Contractor
• Check their experience and credentials.
• Ask to see photos of their work or visit one of their gardens for inspection.
• Find a reputable company or individual.
• Ask friends and acquaintances for recommendations.
• Don’t rely on claims the gardener may make about their work. As always, verify their credibility and experience.

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