Solar pool heating – a lot of hot air?

The use of renewable energy sources is not just an environmentally friendly way to provide light and heat to a home, but also something that significantly reduces electricity or gas bills, and spells out huge savings in the long run.

Guest Blogger: Kristen Swope, USA.

Innovations in solar heating are being picked up by homeowners to become part of their lifestyle. This is especially true for houses in San Francisco, with the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passing up to a $6000 solar incentive for homeowners to utilise more solar power. Many California homes with swimming pools, for instance, are turning to solar pool panels for eco-friendly and inexpensive alternative heating methods.

Solar pool heating can work year round even in colder climates. When properly installed, solar pool heaters can warm up pool water nicely so that swimmers can feel as if it’s still summer. Solar panels act as sunlight collectors and can be installed in strategic places such as the roofs of houses, on other elevated areas, or propped at an angle against walls to catch most of the sun’s rays. Sunlight is a clean and dependable renewable energy source which encourages a home with a pool to steer clear of astronomical pool maintenance costs, and allows for more swim time compared to unheated pools.

My family and I strongly believe that solar heating is the way to go for pool owners. Every house has the capacity to make a positive contribution to the environment by relying on renewable sources of energy such as the sun to provide light, heat, and electricity, and drastically cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions in the process.

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