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This is the time of year when many of us start planning changes to our gardens so we thought it worthwhile to introduce you to a tree that we are growing in the nursery called Ficus tuffi.  Ficus tuffi Hedge in black planter

Ficus tuffi is a very popular tree as creates an excellent hedge and is also ideal for topiary.

Ficus tuffi is a similar colour green to Griselinia littoralis but the leaves are smaller, softer and easier to trim, leaving a clean formal look. They create a fast growing and hardy hedge or for topiary use, they can be shaped into cones, pillars or lollipops. They are frost tender so should not be used in areas that get hard frosts.  They can be used in coastal situations, semi-shade and full sun. 11-09-14 Ficus tuffi 80 ltr 004

We have good stocks Ficus tuffi available now in a 45 ltr and our 80 ltr grade (photo below) will be available at the end of October (2014). Visit our directory listing to contact us 






2 comments on “Ficus tuffi availability – Specimen Tree Company

  1. Rosie on said:

    Hi there,
    could you please let me know the price of the ficus tuffi that you have available at the moment (160 ltr grade). We are looking for approximately 30 plants.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Hi Rosie, the price for a 160ltr grade Ficus tuffi is $335+GST. However, they have proven to be very popular and we are now sold out of that grade. We have some very nice 45ltr grade Ficus tuffi coming on and should be available in early October. We could easily do 30 plants for you in this grade. Feel free to contact me on 09-276-1041.

    Kind regards, Heidi

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