Simple Steps at Home can Save a Lifetime of Injury

According to ACC more than 130,000 children were injured in their homes last year. These unintentional child injuries at home cause pain and suffering that sometimes have lifelong impact on children and their families.

Does this make the home a dangerous place? And what can you do to prevent these injuries?

Research gathered by Safekids New Zealand states that 70% of young children (birth to four years) are injured in their home or in and around private homes because they spend more time there.

“This is why keeping a home environment where children can grow and learn is an important parenting strategy,” said Safekids New Zealand Director Ann Weaver.

Below are important tips to keep your kids safe in and around the home:

– Take a child’s point of view. Get down on your elbows and knees. What do you see? Can they reach that knife? Are there sharp edges where their heads can hit?

– Secure heavy furniture. If you put colourful objects or toys on top of book shelves, television sets and side tables, babies or kids will climb them. Remove the object and secure furniture to the wall.

– Load knives and sharp utensils pointed down in the dishwasher.

Some of the most traumatic injuries at home involve kids falling onto cutlery in the dishwasher.

– Store appliances and tools safely. Lock away heavy or bladed equipment in the kitchen, garage and garden shed.

– Ride-on mowers are not ride-on toys. Lawnmowers are known to cause severe injuries and amputations.

– Use safety glass. Use it in windows, doors and in furniture.

Mark glass panels so they can be seen.

For more information on keeping your child safe at home, visit

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