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Digger Dan’s Monthly Garden Tips  August 2012

Digger Dan’s Monthly Garden Tips August 2012

Planting Now Planting Potatoes: Prepare the potato patch for your sprouted spuds:  Dig Living Earth Organic Certified Compost through the potato patch, then dig a trench – the soil that is on the sides can be used to ‘mound up’ the potatoes as they grow. Varieties such as Cliff’s Kidney, Rocket and Jersey Benne are […]

Wally Richards - weeds & wellbeing

Wally Richards – weeds & wellbeing

With the milder winter we are experiencing, I was very surprised how the weeds in the garden had advanced over the last few weeks.

Wally Richards - it's clean up time

Wally Richards – it’s clean up time

Now that we’re into June and heading quickly towards the shortest day, it is a good time to clean up a few things around our garden to prepare for spring. Deciduous plants such as roses and a number of fruit trees, have either lost their leaves or in the process of doing, so can be […]

Digger Dan - Planting for the coldest day of the year

Digger Dan – Planting for the coldest day of the year

A positive way of looking at mid-winter is to plant edibles such as strawberries and garlic that go into the ground when it’s cold and damp. But remember none of these will survive in boggy soils. Garlic & Shallots are available to plant – dig compost through your soil or fill a container with Living […]

Wally Richards - Leaves, nature's soil conditioner

Wally Richards – Leaves, nature’s soil conditioner

Autumn and early winter in the garden means that all the deciduous trees  will be dropping their leaves and for the keen home gardener they are a free, valuable garden conditioner. Leaf mold is an excellent, free soil amendment. It is easy to make, simple to use, and has a huge impact on soil health. […]

Wally Richards - August & it's all happening

Wally Richards – August & it’s all happening

Last week I popped into a local garden centre and was taken back on all the new season’s stocks of things that we should be getting organised to do. Spring vegetables and flower seedlings, seed potatoes, asparagus crowns, liliums, strawberry plants, fruit trees and ornamentals to name some of the main lines. The weather has […]