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Digger Dan's May gardening tips

Digger Dan’s May gardening tips

The Fruit & Vegetable Garden Fallow veggie beds – ‘resting’ your edible garden over winter, particularly where there’s less sun on it, can be a good idea. Remove finished plants and dig in some Living Earth Compost (available from our yards by the bag, the trailer-load or home delivery). For raised beds this is very […]


Choosing a Gardener

On this page you will find information about finding a professional to maintain your landscape. Finding the right maintenance gardener for your landscape is as important as the overall design.

Putting Some Magic into your Garden

Putting Some Magic into your Garden

Gardeners have one desire; healthy gardens and plants that are growing well, fairly free of diseases and pests. Some years ago scientists discovered that Humate and Fulvic acid incorporating more than 77 minerals as well as a number of Amino Acids, derived from prehistoric cycad forest deposits, did wonders for the soil and plants. Unfortunately, […]