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Patch from Scratch  December’09 - January‘10 - Organic vegetable gardening

Patch from Scratch December’09 – January‘10 – Organic vegetable gardening

With our new baby arriving soon and so many people away over the summer we have decided to let this newsletter cover January as well. We finally got our chickens last weekend, Bella and Rose. One is a Sussex and the other a Barred rock.  We are going to be using their manure to put […]

Patch from Scratch September 09

Patch from Scratch September 09

I can feel spring in the air and the daffodils are a welcome sight!   The dream house is wonderful but the number of slugs and snails in the garden is astounding.  Anyway, I am having to make do with the vege beds that are already here for this season until I have time to really […]

Patch from Scratch August - prepare now and protect against pests

Patch from Scratch August – prepare now and protect against pests

We’re on the count down to spring folks, on hindsight, winter doesn’t seem to have been that bad this year.  Maybe it just that I’m on an uncontrollable high at the moment.  We’ve just moved into our dream home, hence the lateness of the newsletter being sent out, sorry.  The garden comes complete with a […]

Patch from Scratch July 09

Patch from Scratch July 09

Well the rain has certainly arrived which is of course great news for the garden, even if it does make drying the washing a tad challenging!   Keep those beds well mulched over winter, the birds will come and scratch around a bit so it pays to check it every few weeks and top up when […]

Patch from Scratch - May

Patch from Scratch – May

May is one of my favourite times of the year when the days are still warm, the evenings a tad chilly but most importantly all my berry bushes are producing at an astounding rate.  I had great ambitions to make jams and jellies and cute little cup cakes filled with berries. So what went wrong?  […]

Patch from Scratch - April

Patch from Scratch – April

It’s official, vege gardening is the hottest topic around and everyone is eager to know more!  Last year, the Autumn home show surveys filled in by attendees indicated that vege gardening was the No.1 interest that people wanted to find out more about.  In response to that Patch from Scratch were invited to exhibit there […]

Patch from Scratch - March

Patch from Scratch – March

March 1st is officially the beginning of autumn and a signal to vege gardeners that we are moving onto the next season. No no no! I’m not ready to start thinking about soups and stews yet! Hopefully it will be a long summer like last year. Have you noticed little brown moths on your beans […]

Patch from Scratch - February

Patch from Scratch – February

It’s a wonderful time in the vege patch just now, with all that sunshine really helping you to reap the rewards of your hard work. My prize plant this year is a Rockmelon that is coming along nicely.  I have put an old brick underneath it to keep it warm and encourage it to grow. […]