Wally Richards: it’s a kinda magic

I think I have found one of the greatest gardening products since the invention of the spade.

Last week we talked about putting minerals and elements back into our soils. The source of these are the ocean (Ocean Solids) and from rocks (Rok Solid).

There is another which is in liquid form called Magic Botanic Liquid (MB L).

Some gardeners strive for perfection while others toil to produce reasonable gardens.  No matter which category you are in, there is much satisfaction to be gained when your plants are looking good at the end of the day.

Its also great to go out to the vegetable plot and pick a  nice head of broccoli, a few stalks of silverbeet, a lettuce, celery and some tomatoes for the evening meal.  Not only do you have real actual fresh vegetables, you also know what has gone into the soil and how chemical free your produce is.

A recent food survey showed that our fruit and vegetables have risen in price to the point that they are too dear for many families on lower incomes or with heavy commitments. This makes for a another great reason to grow as much of your own fruit and vegetables as possible.

To have great gardens you need to have great soil.  Feed the soil with natural things that are non acidic and not harmful to the soil life. That means no or very little man made fertilisers, no chemical sprays, no chemicals,  no herbicides and no chlorinated water.

How does Magic Botanic Liquid (MBL) relate to you and your garden?

There are many applications that MBL can be used for and one of the most interesting is unlocking chemicals in the soil. If you have been using fertilisers in your garden for sometime you will have a lot of fertiliser locked up in the soil. Drench the soil with MBL and these come available to plants. It will also clean up many undesirable chemicals in the soil and in one trial, contaminated land was transformed into certifiable organic in 12 months.

MBL is a growth booster for plants, it makes for much bigger root systems, stronger and healthier plants. It is been used with balanced NPK fertilisers to create world record vegetables in America such as 26.7 kg Celery and a 14 kg cauliflower to mention two. If you are into growing record breaking vegetables for shows this could be for you.

More benefits include:

  • aiding and speeding up germination of seeds
  • unlocking fertilisers from past applications especially phosphates
  • increasing availability of chemical fertilisers and organic foods for plants
  • helping reduce many common plant disease problems
  • cleaning up many toxic compounds, chemicals and oil spills in the soil
  • helping to establish plants in areas where they are struggling to establish
  • stimulates growth of soil micro organisms
  • increases root respiration and formation
  • increases availability of micro nutrients
  • increases permeability of plant membranes, which enhances nutrient uptake.
  • increases vitamin content of plants
  • improves seed germination
  • accelerates root development
  • stimulates plant enzymes
  • MBL contains a number of trace elements such as Si, Mg, S, Mn and more which increases photosynthesis.
  • contains silica which strengthens cell walls, helps block disease and regulates cell temperature which increases drought and frost tolerance.
  • increases pH buffering properties of soil
  • retains and releases water soluable fertilisers for plants when needed
  • increases soil aeration
  • improves soil structure
  • has a capacity to detoxify chemical residues and heavy metals
  • a powerful, natural chelating agent
  • improves taste and shelf-life
  • Fulvic acid (part of MBL) can promote prolonged production, as it tends to delay the aging process. Fulvic acid increases the metabolism of protein

MBL is used at the rate of  20 ml per litre as a soil drench and 10 ml per litre as a foliar spray once or twice a month.

A must for roses, tomatoes and all vegetable and fruit crops. Green keepers are using it for better turf so onto the lawn for better healthier lawns.

If you have brown patches on the lawn where dogs have urinated use MBL to restore or re-establish grass. Use on your flowering annuals for bigger displays and you will need less plants to fill beds.

Whether you use chemical fertilisers or organic preparations, MBL will give you better results and you need to use far less chemical fertilisers and so saving you money.

Put it in your weed killers for better results. Can be mixed as a foliage spray with most garden sprays to advantage. The commercial trade name is Liquid Good.

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