Buying & Commissioning Sculpture

Many galleries will have existing sculptures you may consider for purchase. However, some people choose to commission works to specified sizes and appearances to complement the environment where the work will be ultimately located.

If you choose this path, the time it takes to have the work produced varies greatly. It depends on the artist, the size of the work, the medium of the work and any specific requirements you put in place. It is certainly not an overnight process. The usual first step is to meet with the artist to discuss your vision or needs. The artist will interpret these and you will receive working drawings or models of the proposed commission for your consideration.

Payment for a commission work is usually paid in stages, for example half on your acceptance of the commission, and the remainder on delivery of the work. The full commission process can take from a few to several months. An indication of the time involved is usually discussed and agreed upon between artist, client and gallery at the beginning of the commissioning process.

Investing in Pleasure or Profit?

The most important consideration when purchasing a sculpture is not the expense or the reputation of the sculptor but- Do you like it? The majority of people who purchase sculpture do so because the works bring them great pleasure. If you are going to invest in a fantastic piece of art to be a part of your day-to-day life it is paramount it brings you enjoyment.

Why should we have sculpture?

Great sculpture, like other artworks, enhances its environment and inspires the people who move through it. Sculptures will add an enduring dynamic dimension to your landscaping which is difficult to achieve using any other element.
Why should I invest in sculpture?
By working with reputable artists and galleries there is a higher possibility of acquiring a work that will retain , or even increase its value over time. It may seem like an expensive acquisition but there are many other elements you will be spending money on in your landscaping that will neither be transportable, permanent or resalable in years to come.


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