Organic Wheat Grass Seed for Juicing

Organic Wheat Grass Seed for Juicing

Growing and juicing wheat grass is becoming an important item for those of us that care about their general health. For many that have health problems, wheat grass can be a significant aid to recovery.
It is simple to grow and extract and for a reasonable outlay, (the most expensive part being the purchase of a manual juice extractor for about $130.00) you are investing in your health and well being.
Why wheat grass? Wheat grass is one of the few plants known to man that has the ability to take up all the known minerals and elements (thats about 90 if they are available in the growing medium)
The Internet has a lot of information about wheat grass such as the following;
‘Wheatgrass juice has been proven over many years to benefit people in numerous ways: cleansing the lymph system, building the blood, restoring balance in the body, removing toxic metals from the cells, nourishing the liver and kidneys and restoring vitality.
One ounce (28mls) of wheatgrass juice has the vitamin and mineral equivalent of 2.2 pounds (1 Kg) of fresh vegetables. It contains most of the vitamins and minerals needed for human maintenance, including the elusive B12.
Many of the benefits of wheatgrass juice stem from the fact that it is a living food, which is a complete protein with about 30 enzymes and is approximately 70% crude chlorophyll.
To be effective wheatgrass juice has to be drunk immediately after juicing.’and; ‘The healing process occurs as the therapeutic chlorophyll in wheat grass juice catalyses the elimination of the stored toxins which cause disease.
These toxins are present in the ailing organism in the form of hardened mucous, crystallized acids, fatty deposits, calcifications and solidified, decaying fecal matter. As these toxins are eliminated, the body is cleansed and brought back to its natural state of health. Wheat grass juice has a very high enzyme content which helps to dissolve tumors.’
Wheat grass juice has become popular in ‘Juice Bars’ where you buy a shot of it for about $3.00 a pop.
Some quick maths says an initial outlay of about $150.00 (Juicer $130) means you have 7 odd weeks of juice, once a day, to recover the initial outlay. After that a few dollars only are spent every so often to obtain more seed, compost and nutrients.
My concern on purchased wheat grass juice, are whether the grass has been grown in a medium that has all the minerals and elements needed to give the highest content of the same in the juice.
Just growing the wheatgrass in the garden or in trays of potting mix or compost will only give the grass the minerals that are present in the growing medium. The juice is likely still good for you but how good? So I did research and found that Ocean Solids do contain about 90 minerals and elements.
Also Simalith (Rock Dust) is very rich in minerals. Add to this (MBL) Magic Botanic Liquid with its properties and you have a combination that is sure to have a lot of goodness.
Then I started growing the wheatgrass and purchased a manual juicer (Juicer Mk 3). This is important as common juicers (electric) with their blade action destroy much of the enzymes. I was surprised to note that the grass when it grew was not the normal green, instead it was a blue/green in colour which indicates a rich supply of minerals.
WHAT YOU NEED AND HOW TO GROW: Obtain a bag of Wheat Grass Seed (Organic grown, so free of chemicals) A jar of Ocean Solids, A jar of Simalith and a bottle of MBL.
You can grow in containers and I found the best is the polystrene boxes that are used in the fish and fruit industry measuring about 56 x 42mm and about 23mm deep plus have a lid.
To use them, carefully drill good size holes in the base for drainage and then fill the boxes two thirds full with a good animal manure based compost with a little top soil mixed in.
Over this sprinkle the Ocean Solids and Simalith and cover with more compost. Over this sprinkle the wheat seed fairly thickly so they are just about touching.
Cover with a bit more compost and water in with MBL.
(I tried sowing the seeds so thickly that they were touching or on top of each other, not good as the grass grows too spindly and you need a lot more to get the same amount of juice) Near touching does give sufficient room for each stalk to develop nicely.
Place lid over the box which keeps birds or mice from eating the seed. Check every day and water a little as need be.
It only takes 2-4 days to have a good strike and once this happens remove the lid and cover with a small gauge netting or net curtain to prevent bird damage.
Once the grass is up about 3-4 inches then it is safe to remove netting. Place in a situation where its part sun/ part shade during the day. ( a few hours of sun, rest time shaded for summer and all day sun for winter) When the grass is about 6 to 8 inches tall you can start harvesting.
With a sharp pair of scissors cut the grass about an inch above the mix. (It will come again and give you a second cutting later) Cut sufficient grass for one extraction.
The taste is sweetish and does taste like grass. 30 to 40 mls taken on an empty stomach about half an hour before a meal is ideal.
The juice then can go straight into the blood stream to fortify your body.
You can cut and juice any time of the day but I feel mornings are better before breakfast. If you have a health condition you may wish to take the juice twice a day.
You can take a greater amount of juice than suggested but work up to it. Regular amounts each day is likely to be better than a larger amount infrequently.
Juice is best taken as soon as available as it will lose its vitality if stored. You can also add the wheat grass to salads or just chew on the grass either swallowing or spitting out the cud.
(The grass chewed and swallowed is high in fibre, so care is needed if you eat a lot of it) A (Juicer Mk 3) is available for $99.00 phone 0800 466464
I believe that wheat grass juice is invaluable for good health, stamina and general well being.
I have certainly noticed a difference since taking it daily.

Wally Richards BUY Wheat Grass seed direct from Wally Richards

6 comments on “Organic Wheat Grass Seed for Juicing

  1. Colin Levy on said:

    Hello, dont know if you can be of assistance but I am trying to source a supplier of grown whaetgrass, would you know of any in Christchurch.

  2. Can it be given to children aged 4 to 10 years old? Can sugar be added too? Thanks!

  3. saswati on said:

    I am looking for wheatgrass, so do you sell the grass, if so could me pl let me know the price as I desperately need them because of health problems.


  4. Hi Saswati,

    try this website



  5. Some of what you claim about wheat grass unfortunately has not been reliably proven.  Some has.  To be clear about it you could refer your customers to wikipedia.  All the best!

  6. Altoncooper on said:

    I would prefer not to keep purchasing seeds for my wheatgrass juice.
    Is it ok to use the same wheatgrass for say a year? and would significant nutrient content remain after say 20 cut cycles?
    After 2 or 20 cut cycles could the grass be allowed to go to seed for a subsequent supply of seeds? And would the seed be inferior? I heard something like 20-30 seeds per leave are available.

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