Hannah Peschar sculpture garden During my travels and years as a garden designer I have visited a number of stunning gardens both here in New Zealand and in Europe; I also have an interest in sculpture. So when the opportunity came up to visit an inspiring collection of sculpture set in an amazing garden, created by an award winning landscape designer I jumped at the chance.

Hannah Peschar sculpture garden The Hannah Peschar sculpture garden really is a magical place. It is the result of the collaboration between two very talented people over a period of twenty years. Anthony Paul (born in New Zealand) designs from a studio based in the grounds, where he and his wife Hannah also live. The internationally known sculpture garden is unlike any typical English cottage garden. Broadleaved plants and mature trees frame and enhance an inspiring collection of contemporary sculpture by some of the finest artists in Britain. The lush water garden and woodlands surrounding a sixteenth century black-and-white cottage make a remarkable setting for this ever-changing collection.

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Hannah Peschar sculpture garden Art and Nature

What impressed me most about this space was the sense of tranquility and peace I experienced. Anthony Paul has cleverly used large leafed plants in bold, simple combinations to create drama, interest and texture all year round, a great example of his signature style of planting. Hannah his wife, curator and art dealer has worked closely with him and showcased each piece carefully within the garden leading you on a wonderful artistic journey.

Hannah Peschar sculpture garden

Anthony Paul says:
"Over the years I have spent considerable time studying plant associations and the relationships of form versus function in the plant world. Great planting is the key to all stunning gardens and arrangement, choice and setting are paramount to good design. My large groupings create the drama in my gardens and my minimal palette keeps the look restrained and architectural. As Andy Warhol once said, the simpler something is, the better
it is."

Hannah Peschar sculpture garden

My visit to the garden was in summer, it was like being in a green English rain forest. I was certainly not disappointed at not seeing any pretty flowery borders. I think flowers and colour would have been distracting. The contrasting shades of green act as a subtle backdrop for the sculpture. Pathways meandering through the garden take you across small pools and a stream, open woodland areas and intimate seating areas. You can catch glimpses of art set within the light and shade of mature trees and even within the ponds.

Hannah Peschar sculpture garden

I congratulate Anthony Paul as a fellow landscape designer for having the vision and patience over time to create a garden rich in drama and interest. Hannah Peschar has managed to bring art and nature together and create a very unique environment for all to enjoy.

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