Baring Head property purchased for future generations

Greater Wellington Regional Council Chair Fran Wilde and Minister of Conservation Kate Wilkinson today announced a consortium bid to buy a 240ha block of land at Baring Head had been successful.

The consortium was led by Greater Wellington Regional Council and included the Department of Conservation, Nature Heritage Fund, Hutt City Council and a private contributor.

“Baring Head is an iconic part of the Wellington Region’s landscape,” Greater Wellington Regional Council Chair Fran Wilde said.

“It holds a special place in the hearts of many people, has unique features such as its coastal biodiversity and recreational opportunities.

“Our Council believes that this property needs to be protected in public ownership to preserve its special environmental values for future generations and is absolutely delighted to have been able to bring together a successful purchase arrangement.”

Ms Wilkinson said the purchase was a fantastic result for New Zealanders and showed the benefits of Government, councils and community members combining for the good of conservation.

“The opportunity to purchase this block at Baring Head was too good to pass up. It is a unique piece of land that deserved to be put in public ownership for the enjoyment of future generations.

“Not only are there great recreational opportunities available, such as biking and walking, but the coastal biodiversity of the area is valuable too.”

Although not directly connected to the East Harbour Regional Park, this new property will be managed as if it was part of that Park. East Harbour Regional Park covers the hills behind Eastbourne and a separate area surrounding the Parangarahu Lakes by the Pencarrow Lighthouse.

The purchase price cannot be confirmed at this time as arrangements are being finalised with the vendor.

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