Natural Habitats launches its new look

Natural Habitats, New Zealand’s leading integrated landscape company, has launched its new website and logo.

“The brand development was about getting back to our roots,” says owner Graham Cleary, “our people are first and foremost gardeners and craftsmen.” It was from this concept that the new positioning statement grew: “Gardening on a Grand Scale.”


Natural Habitats


Natural Habitats’ new motif has been designed to clearly represent its new brand position. The motif differentiates the company from competitors by acknowledging its roots and heritage as gardeners. It also represents the majesty and scale of many Natural Habitats’ projects while not forgetting that big can still be bespoke. “It is optimistic, confident and engaging, which is just how we want to be seen as a business” says Graham.

This mood was carried through to the company’s new website –, which is earthy, warm, dignified and a perfect complement to the colours used in the motif. The site designed by Liminal and developed by Flaxpod, two companies well respected in their fields, is testament to Natural Habitats’ belief that grandeur and delight can be achieved whatever the scale or context.

The previous site had become difficult to update, “we wanted a site that was able to keep pace with the landscapes we are creating” says Marketing Manager Lydia Franken. “Natural Habitats offers any and all landscape services so we needed the site to be both informative and easy to navigate.” The new website does just that, showcasing a selection of residential, commercial and infrastructure landscapes not to mention the company’s work in the field of green technology. You may have seen or heard about Natural Habitats’ green walls that have been making people green with envy.

Another highlight of the site is its blog, which was created “to provide topical, thought-provoking and opinion pieces from Natural Habitats staff” say Lydia “We have around a 100 staff, some of whom have been with the company for 20 years. Natural Habitats has deep roots and the blog is a great way for us to germinate their ideas and grow people’s collective knowledge of the landscapes they inhabit.”

Natural Habitats has been growing for three decades and will continue to do so on a grand scale.

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