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There is no denying that Natural Stone Paving is the most beautiful, evocative and soulful material in which to clad the ground we walk on. Afterall it is the very stuff our Mother Earth, is made from.  Cobbled streets of Europe and South America and flagstone patios of heritage gardens are just a couple of images conjoured up that illustrate its effect on the landscapes in which it is used.


With the right choice of stone and size it can also be the most practical and durable paving material. It rarely fades, cracks, or secretes like concrete can and it will often weather beautifully taking on a particular patina from the wear it experiences in its environment.

The naturally occurring variation of colour and texture in a stone type is part of its attraction, adding character and interest to an area with subtle variation that is guaranteed to complement itself and means additions and repairs will never look out of place.


The less manipulated the stone paver, the more of its natural beauty is retained and the better suited to landscape paving it is. Obviously it must be a relatively level and even surface to be a practical paving material but edges that are hand cut with chisels and faces that are split along natural fissure lines will portray the raw character of the stone more than the icy stylized look of sawn edges and honed surfaces.


‘Sticks and Stones’ Ltd are passionate about Natural Stone paving and its use in the Landscape to improve the quality of our outdoor living lifestyle and are pleased to offer a range of suitable stone at affordable pricing.

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Every stone type is guranteed to possess the qualities that make it a good choice for paving. These are hardness, durability, low water absorption, even surfaces and non-slip texture (especially when wet). On top of this it is available in almost any size and in a wide choice of colour from Mother Nature’s earthy palette.

Every stone type is priced for retail at $90 inc gst per square metre and freight for delivery is priced upon application.

We will give discounts to trade and specifiers and further discount on orders in excess of 100m2.

We carry a certain level of stock in each stone type in standard sizes and orders we can’t meet from stock will take between 8 and 10 weeks to arrive from date of order.



2 comments on “Natural Stone Paving – Tim Friday from Stick & Stones

  1. Steve Holt on said:

    I am looking for stone work to face a wooden crib retaining wall which is looking a bit shabby these days. I have seen various retaining blocks but in this case the retaining has already been done and also the wall is on a 15 degree rack back. So I was looking for stone work which may stack up in front of the existing crib. This is a beach front environment so it needs to be in keeping with this. Please advise if you can help. Cheers

  2. Hi Steve,

    Where are you based?



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