Does your Business need a Website?

We have a simple cost effective solution that integrates into our Directory and creates an online brochure for your business.

What’s more, you’ll get free email redirection to your current email address so you will never miss that sales opportunity.

The Portfolio Website Listing range can function as a standalone website.  Your domain name can be directed to your listing, your statistics can be measured and information can be updated by you (or us) at any time.

This solution enables you to use your Directory Listing as your primary website.

Direct new customers to your products and services, and keep existing customers informed with a simple brochure website, enabling repeat business and ongoing contact with your clients.

Benefits of a Primary Website:

  • No additional hosting, compliance or expensive set up costs.
  • Full initial content load and assistance with graphics.
  • You can add your product list for ongoing customer reference and ongoing sales to maximise the lifetime value of your customers.
  • Customer service support to monitor results, suggest changes and keep information fresh and relevant.
  • Instant Search Engine Optimisation

We appreciate that your time is valuable, so we endeavour to make the implementation process as streamlined as possible. Our ‘behind the scenes’ technology means we can create websites at the click of a mouse, where in the past programming costs have reached into the thousands. We also optimise your listing for Search Engines and make sure you benefit from our substantial history online so you get found.

Customised Website Solutions

We can facilitate creating a full website solution for your business. This can be integrated with our directories at competitive rates.

If your business already has a website, we can help you promote your  investment with a range of  links and advertising tools designed to generate traffic and enquiries.

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