Terms & Conditions

1. Our Advertising Services

Our Terms of Business apply when we provide advertising and promotional services. In these terms, we have used “we” & “our” for Limited and Trading names SME DIGITAL and and  “you” for our advertising customer and “advertising” for everything we do in connection with publishing listings on our electronic directory and website.

2. Free Directory Listings

We offer free listings to any company supplying products or services related to the extended landscape industry. We reserve the right to remove free listings at any time at our discretion. By activating your free listing you acknowledge and accept our terms and conditions.

3. Extended Business Listing, Portfolio Listing, Extended Portfolio Listing and Websites

We offer a range of listings purchased by you on an annually renewable basis. These can be fully edited by you at anytime. We reserve the right to edit or remove any content we see as being inappropriate or correct grammatical and spelling errors. We will endeavor to respect your content at all times and may contact you if there have to be significant changes. This term is made in the the interest of keeping the integrity and quality of our site at a high level.

4. Banner Advertising and Page Sponsorship

We may require a written and signed advertising agreement for banner and page sponsor advertising.

5. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

By activating any listing or advertising you automatically agree to our terms and conditions.  You additionally agree to our terms and conditions when you make payment or by reply email accepting our offer of service.

6. Goods and Services Tax (GST)

All prices quoted are exclusive of GST. This will be calculated for you and added to your payments. We collect this on your behalf in accordance with the law.

7. Payment Options

Our preference is that you pay in full within seven (7) days.

You can pay monthly by Direct Debit or in 1/3 Direct Debit installments. Both of these payment plans have a 10% admin fee added to the first installment. Direct Debits are managed by Easypay. We also accept Visa and Master Card.

If you are on an Automatic Payment or Direct Debit and continue to make payments after your term has ended and continue with our services we require one month notice to terminate.

Any unpaid accounts incur 2% compounding monthly penalty interest and may be liable for additional debt collection costs.

7.1 Late Penalty Charges Collection Costs

We reserve the right to charge compounding penalty interest on overdue invoices at the rate of 2% per month and all collection and administration costs.

8. Security

All credit card transactions are transmitted over a secure server. Our electronic banking provider DPS (Direct Payment Systems) provides SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) this ensures information transmitted is encrypted and cannot be accessed by unauthorised users. A secure symbol will appear in your browser when this occurs. All credit card payments are verified by DPS.

9. E-mail

You must supply a current e-mail address. This is our main form of communication.
If you forget your user-name or password, we can send this to your e-mail address.
We will also send you information about new features of our site and promotional material. We will not use your e-mail address for “spam”. We will however send you information about new products and information we believe will be relevant to your business.

10. Payment methods

Our preferred method of payment is online banking or direct credit Via EazyPay. Credit cards are a safe and easy form of payment for both parties. We do also accept cheque payment.

11. Credit Cards

We accept Visa, MasterCard please contact us to process a credit card transaction.  A transaction fee may apply.

12. Terms and Conditions of use

The copyright © symbol on all pages of the website maintains the copyright of all the pages; this includes the graphics, text and all other content. Pages of information may be printed for personal or business for use in the context of this site. It may not be republished in any form without written permission from a director of Limited. In accordance with international copyright law everything is subject to copyright. Where we provide links to other websites you must respect the copyright of those sites. We provide these links as publicly accessible information. By clicking on a link to another site you are leaving our site. We accept no responsibility for the content of linked sites.

13. Fixed Term

This agreement begins when you upload content any listing or advertising is arranged with our staff. This term will last until your subscription or advertising agreement expires or if you cease paying monthly fees after your term has expired.  (Some clients choose to continue on a monthly basis which is at our discretion)  If we enter into a month by month agreement with you the onus is on you to contact us and change or terminate the monthy subscription.  This does not apply to free listings or special offers. Clause 3. still applies

14. Your Dealings with Search Directory Users

Our logo and copyright notice appears on all pages of our website. Some of these pages include your advertising and business information . The presence of our logo and brand is not an endorsement of you, your products or services. We are not an agent acting on behalf of you or our directory users. We take no responsibility for your dealings with directory users. You must deal with them directly to complete transactions or resolve any disputes arising from your dealings with them.

15. Information about you and your Business

You agree that we can collect information about you and your business and that we may use this information to promote our businesses as a mutual agreement. If you do not want us to use your business information you must inform us of this by

16. Limit of Liability Limited, nor any of its directors, employees, representatives or agents makes any claim or representation concerning the search directory,, or information on the site. The maximum liability of for any claim for breach of contract, tort or otherwise, whatsoever, will be limited to the amount of the listing / license fee paid by the customer. In no way whatsoever will be liable for any consequential indirect loss or for any other losses, costs, damages, claims, demands, expenses and/or legal costs whatsoever that may occur as a result of the supply to or use of the website.

17. Technical Problems

From time to time due to the nature of technology we may experience technical difficulties. Our commitment to you is that we will endeavor to have these repaired as soon as possible and that this is in both our interests. Short term technical difficulties do not qualify for a refund.

18. Refund / Cancellation Policy

We have a no refund policy. We do not offer a refund to any advertiser who ceases to trade or wishes to remove their listing before their fixed term has ended, or under any other circumstance. An exemption is made for clause 23. But remains at our discretion.

Should you wish to cancel your listing for any reason during the 12 month term the full payment remains due in all circumstances. We can switch off your listing / advertising at your request should you cease trading or no longer require promotion with us.

If you have continued to make payments and have your listing live ongoing without notifying us your payments will be credited against these or future advertising.

19. Responsibility for Contents

You are responsible for the text, logos, images and any documents you may include or attach to you website.

20. Availability

We offer no guarantee that our directory or information pages will run continuously and fault free. We may change, suspend or restrict anytime without notice. Please note that it is our best interest to keep the pages of running to the best of our ability and quality. Availability may be restricted for a short time while we attend to technical repairs or improvements to our site.

21. New Zealand Law Applies

All our services are provided under New Zealand Law. Any legal action may only be pursued in a New Zealand court.

22. Our Right to Withhold, Terminate Suspend, Restrict or Terminate Services

We reserve the right to terminate any advertisement, listing or posting at any time. This will occur if you have not met a responsibility of yours under the terms of this agreement or we consider your advertisement as unauthorized or unsuitable for our site content. This is, and will continue to be at our discretion. A refund will only be given under these circumstances at the beginning of any the fixed term contract.

23. Resolving Disputes

If you believe we have not met our responsibility we have to you, any correspondence must be in writing. We will endeavor to resolve any dispute promptly. A refund will only be given where there is a clear breach of our responsibilities outlined in our terms and conditions. We do not accept liability for unforeseen technical faults and will endeavor to resolve these faults if they occur within reasonable time.
We will reply in writing to any disputed issue explaining our position. You must still pay any outstanding charges by the due date.

24. Exclusion

We reserve the right to withhold, terminate or restrict our services to you if you breach the terms of this agreement.. Abuse or malicious listings will be automatically removed without refund. Listings not fitting our broad criteria as being part of or offering services or products to the greater landscape industry will be notified and a full refund given. This is at our discretion. Our decision is ultimately final.   Please read our user license for further information about the rights of users of this site and our disclaimer. You will find these at the bottom of any page.

25. All fees are paid in New Zealand Currency $NZD