Add your Nursery to is an extension of our main Directory and is a free tool for visitors to use when they are sourcing  specific plants and trees.

Search results display nurseries and garden centres in main category searches or drill down to specific genus, species and common name. Your trade or online order list can be added within minutes and an extensive searchable stock and plant list included for searches. targets nurseries looking for growing on lines, landscape designers and contractors looking for relationships with wholesalers.   It’s fast and easy to keep updated as your stock changes.


  • Drive industry members to your stock – for orders and sales
  • Unlimited plant database – load your entire current stock list for visitor searching. This takes only a few minutes and does not require trolling clicking through a list of 10,000 plants. It is very easy and can be updated 24/7. We can do this for you as a complimentary service.
  • No additional fees – any nursery that is listed and benefiting from their Listing on the main Directory automatically becomes searchable on Findaplant. All that is required is an up-to-date plant list from your excel spread sheet or even a word document. We provide support and training to do this – it’s very easy.
  • Order forms and  plant lists – if you have a Listing from our Portfolio range you can load PDF documents.
  • Trade only and propagation nursery options for wholesale nurseries – means your business can be distinguished from other retail businesses.
  • Promote new plants and growing on lines to both the landscape and nursery industries is a member of The Nursery and Garden Industries Association

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