Social Networking Options

Social networking has become an essential way to engage new business and communicate with your existing clients.

Integrating social networking (Facebook, Twitter etc) with your Directory Listing and website has many benefits.

  • Direct customer engagement – it’s immediate.
  • Direct personal customer communication – with you and between customers.
  • It’s viral – social media can spread out your brand presence far and quickly.
  • Engage with potential new customers.
  • Directly link from Facebook to your website and vice versa – no sales or communication opportunity is missed.

If it all just sounds too confusing and you don’t know where to start, we can help you. We can set up your Facebook or Twitter accounts and maintain them for you.

Our services include:

  • Setting up your company’s Facebook page
  • Setting you up as an Administrator
  • Customising your Facebook page so it fits with your brand – see ours as an example
  • Posting of regular updates of your news and information
  • Setting up your company’s Twitter account

Social media is now an essential part of your online marketing activity.  Stories connect people – tell them yours.

Why Facebook? Because everybody’s on it!

Okay – not everybody, but more than 175 million people use Facebook alone. Your business has the potential to reach this audience – for free. A presence on Facebook will complement your current marketing activity and give you access to a wider market.

Your online social media home

A Facebook page is a great place to tell your story and share your company information. It gives your business a place to create event listings, post your business hours, contact information, and even display photos and articles.
Facebook and Twitter stimulate conversations between your customers

Every page has a built-in “discussion feature” – this lets you carry on discussions with your customers, take surveys, and gather feedback about your products or services. And your customers can talk to each other – you’ll really get a feel for what people are thinking about you.

I “like” you

When a client or customer “likes” your Facebook page, you have instantly created buy-in. What they are doing is putting their hand up to say “yes I want to continue a relationship with your business.” This creates incredibly strong networks.

Creating a Facebook page or Twitter account for your business is simple and cost effective and we can do it for you!

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